The Easiest Way to Create Original Social Media Content

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Are you in the “but I don’t have time to make all that content” camp?

If you are, then I have good news for you. There is an easy way to do it…

And the best thing about this approach is that it gives you content in multiple formats, for multiple mediums of delivery, which means you will appeal to more people and can massively extend your reach.

Record. Remix. Release.

Do you actually need to create something from scratch? I suspect the answer is no.

What are you already doing that you could capture? As in, what conversations and activities are already scheduled to take place that you could record and use as the basis of your content?

Also, what content do you already have content that could be repurposed or edited to create something new?


Often the best content is curated, rather than created.

In other words, documenting what you are already doing and selecting appropriate elements as the building blocks for your content will show your authentic self and be much more engaging for your audience than anything that is too polished or staged.


The two most important things to consider when producing content are WHO is this for? and HOW will they be consuming it?

Just as songs get multiple remixes, for the radio, the club, the beach bar… You also want to make sure you create an appropriate version of your content for each audience you serve and each content delivery platform you plan to use.

If we take Harry Potter as an example of the ways content can be remixed and repurposed, it started with a book, but now there is:

  • Multiple books
  • Multiple audiobooks
  • Multiple movies / videos
  • Multiple video games and physical games
  • A stage play
  • Multiple theme parks
  • Countless merchandise

…and probably more things I’ve missed!

The key point here is that they are all based on the same original concept. How effectively do you repurpose your content?


Once you have your content created, be sure to make it easy for your audience to find it and engage with you. Put it on the platforms they already use in a format that is appropriate for that platform.