Letting Agents: Different Beats ‘Better’ (or cheaper!)

Reading Time: 3 minutes

One of the biggest marketing mistakes I see Letting Agents make is that they try to be everything for everyone.

It’s too vague and it makes it impossible for you to STAND OUT from the crowd.

If you look the same as every other agent in your area then the only thing you can compete on is price. Only the cheapest can win that game.

There is zero benefit in being second cheapest!

Being better isn’t enough either.

Want your brand to really stand out in a crowded market?

If there is lots of competition in your area, then the way you stand out is to offer something different.

It’s how businesses come along and disrupt markets.

You don’t disrupt a market by saying “I do the same as someone else, but I do it a little bit better than them.” Or “I do the same as someone else, but I’ll do it a little bit cheaper than them.” Or “I do the same as someone else, but I do it a little bit quicker than them.”

The little bit isn’t enough.

You need to do something DIFFERENT. You need to decide what your ‘thing’ is.

In other words, what do you SPECIALISE in?

  • Are you a traditional high street agent specialising in midrange family homes?
  • Do you specialise in HMO or LHA lets?
  • Are you the student agent?

What is you niche?

It doesn’t mean this is the only type of lets you do. But, if you are an established agent it is likely to be the majority of your existing business.

When landlords see your existing listings they will use this to gauge if you are the right agent for them. So think carefully about what you are promoting vs who you are trying to attract.

Do your research and see what is around in your local market. Is there a gap you want to fill?

How can you create an offer or product to fill that gap?

Position yourself as THE local expert for a specific type of property or landlord. Package and brand your services so they excite your niche.

Share content that is niche SPECIFIC and only relevant to your target market.

Create your own sub-niche. A market where you are seen as the ONLY player.

Be bold. Be different. Be remarkable.

Create word of mouth and get the local landlords talking about you!