Do The Next Right Thing

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ever forgotten to do something important?

Recently I completely forgot about something I’d promised to do for a friend of mine… Have you ever found yourself in a situation where things felt like they had gone wrong?

Where you’re kinda like “how did I get here?” or “how did I end up in this position?”

Shit happens

It just does. Sometimes there is no reason for it and nobody at fault. When something goes wrong, I believe we just have to embrace it as research – finding one more way NOT to do something.

I didn’t always think like that.

There were times in my past whenever anything went wrong, it was my fault. Or if it was my fault it was somebody else’s fault, but there had to be somebody at fault.

I had to blame somebody whether it was me or whether it was you. I had to blame somebody.

I try not to do that anymore, and instead I just accept the situation.

What next?

These days I always try to work out what has to be done to put the situation right and I move on from it.

The important thing is that mistakes will always happen. There will always be times when things don’t go to plan or when we forget to do things.

Guess what you need to do? The next right thing.

It’s so easy to look for who’s to blame. But…

Does it really matter?

Does it really matter why a situation is as it is, or is the important thing to resolve it?

What are the steps you can take to put that thing right? What is the first one of those steps and how quickly can you take it? Ideally you want to take that first step as quickly as possible.

It’s about taking inventory with yourself, being honest and understanding exactly what’s happening in any given moment so that you can progress from that moment in the most appropriate way.