Stop Flying Into the Window

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Seriously. How many times have you watched a fly do that?

They fly into the window over and over again.

They think they will get through it next time.

They think ‘willpower’ will get them a result.

They believe they should never give up.

They persist.

But persistence on the wrong strategy will only keep them stuck.

Think about weight loss and the endless cycle of diet then binge. Or someone trying to quit booze or sugar and then having a major blowout and thinking ‘what’s the point’.

It is something that can show up in all areas of life. Health, business, relationships…

If the thing you’ve been doing ain’t working, maybe it’s time to try something different.

The answer starts by getting really honest.

Instead of flying into the same old window, look for another route.

If you are stuck right now then get conscious about your behaviours. What do you think you are doing and what are you ACTUALLY doing? Are your intentions and your actions in sync?

The destination doesn’t have to change. You might just need a new way of getting there.

Over the years we all go through phases of reinvention. We all go from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.

Embrace the journey. Accept the change. And get ready to fly.