What Does Integrity Mean to You?

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What does integrity mean to you?

Self-honesty is one of my core values. Think about it, if you can’t be honest with yourself, can you ever be truly happy?

I was watching a Facebook Live broadcast last week by Jairek Robbins and he was asking “what does integrity mean to you?” In particular, how integral are you with yourself, as in, how much self-honesty do you have.

I posted a comment on the live feed…

Self-honesty is essential to having peace of mind. If you don’t have integrity with yourself you don’t have anything.

How you can you actually ever be fulfilled and happy in life if you’re being dishonest? That is, regardless of what’s happening in life, if you’re not honest with yourself about it, how can you ever be truly comfortable.

Serenity, which is fundamental to success, requires you to be honest

True peace of min requires you to see things as they actually are, not better than they are, not worse than they are.

I’m gonna be honest and say that there have been times in my life when I haven’t had integrity with myself.

There were times in my past when I put on a veneer. I put on a face. I put on a mask. I was an actor.

I was trying to be what I thought you wanted me to be rather than who i really was… And one of the biggest shifts in my life over the last five to 10 years, has been getting to know myself.

I had to learn who I really am. I had to learn to accept myself as I am. I had to learn to be truly honest with myself in every given moment.

Note, being honest with yourself doesn’t always mean being happy with yourself. It just means seeing things as they are.


Today actually would have been my Dad’s 70th birthday, but Dad died from cancer when he was just 50 years-old.

It’s hard, it’s hard for me to think about those 20 years. The missed opportunities. The things I never go to say. The times when he was the one person I wanted to speak to. The fact he has never met my wife or my children.

I’m not saying this to try and get you to feel sorry for me. I’m saying this because it’s important to seize every moment as it happens and to appreciate life while you can.

Recognising what’s going on in your life right now and show up to the best of your ability.

How can you get the most out of life whilst you still have life.

Because I honestly believe too many people right now, they wait until they’re told that they don’t have long left before they truly start living. They wait until they’re given a diagnosis that says they have three months, six months or 12 months left. They wait for that diagnosis and only then so they go, “Ah shit, I’m out of time. what am I gonna do?”

You are going to die

We never know when that time’s going to come and not everyone gets a warning or a diagnosis. I can guarantee you that one day you will day. It is one of the few absolutely certainties in life. What nobody can tell you for certain is when it will happen.

Live your life now. Life your life on purpose now. And live your life honestly now because that’s that’s how you get peace of mind and the change to truly appreciate how great being alive can be.

Moments Only Happen Once, Seize Them While You Can - Neil Martin