Why You Need a Blog

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Do you have a blog on your website? How often do you update it?

Why do you need a blog? If your website isn’t changing on a regular basis, as in you’re not regularly adding new content to it, it ends up being little more than an online brochure.

To me, that’s not a website; it is a webshite.

If you’re not adding fresh content, people will not come back.

The whole point of your website is to build an engaged audience who aspire to work with you. But nobody is going to keep engaging with your website unless you keep adding fresh content to it.

You only need 20 minutes per day.

Writing a blog post typically takes about 20 minutes. I pretty much guarantee you can find 20 minutes if you are committed to building your audience.

Yeah okay, it might be 20 less minutes in the evening where instead of CONSUMING content on Facebook or Netflix you are the one CREATING content.

Everyone has 20 minutes they can find in a day. Even if it means you’ve got to set your alarm 20 minutes earlier, or go to bed 20 minutes later. It’s only 20 minutes, right?

Your job is to get people onto your website and get them engaged with your content. Having a blog with regular updates keeps that audience coming back for more.

Let’s look at this from an offline perspective

Let’s imagine you buy a magazine, and you think it’s an amazing magazine. You read it cover to cover, and you go “I think I’m going tobuy this again next month.”

Next month, you go to the newsagent next month and you go to buy that magazine. It’s got the same cover, just different date. When you open it, every single article inside is the same. Would you buy it? Would you read it? No, didn’t think so.

It is the same with your website. Why would you expect people to keep reading the same content time after time?

You need to being creating fresh and engaging content on a regular (and consistent) basis.
Think like the magazine… and follow one of my golden rules for digital marketing:

Don’t do anything online, that you wouldn’t do offline.