Content Creation: 14 Ideas for You to Rip Off and Duplicate

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Do you get stuck coming up with ideas for new blog and social media content?

Following one of my recent three day Expert Elevator Intensive events, I decided to create a little 14 day content creation challenge for the delegates (that I also shared with my Facebook community).

Now I thought I’d share it here too. Enjoy.

#1 – List Post

You know those posts and videos that have titles like ’27 things you didn’t know about…’ and ’41 reasons you should be…’?

Well, now it is time to create one.

List posts are creating for getting views and engagement as even other experts in your market will want to see what you put on your list.

Oh, and if you want to get comments, simply end your article by asking the audience what they would add to the list.

Check out this recent example from my blog…

Instagram: 16 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using It

Oh, and here is one I wrote for the Huffington Post: Six Things That Helped Me Beat Depression

#2 – Quote & Anecdote

Find a motivational quote that inspires you and then tell an anecdotal story about what it means to you.

Here is an example from my Natural Juice Junkie blog, that brings together multiple quotes from Kung Fu legend, Bruce Lee.

Become the Kung Fu Master of Your Goals (Lessons from Bruce Lee)

#3 – Go On a Rant

What annoys you? What do you see happening in your industry that you wish you could change? What do you find yourself frustrated? What makes you swear out loud whenever you hear about it?

Those things… give YOUR opinion.

If you want to get recognised as an expert in your marketplace then you NEED to share your expert opinion and let your audience know exactly what you stand for.

Here is a ‘soft’ rant about why I believe every student should be building a personal brand.

#4 – Why I [blank] and maybe you should too

Simply take this headline, fill in the blank and then create your post or video to explain your point of view.

Here is a recent post of mine as an example…

Why I Celebrate Small Wins (and maybe you should too)

#5 – Document Your Day

This is your opportunity to give your audience a backstage pass to understand more about you and things you get up too. This works particularly well as a vlog (video blog) where you just record what you are up to and then share a few relevant clips.

Take a look at this episode of my Real Neil vlog as an example:

You can also check out the blog post based on this: Research

#6 – Newsjack or Piggyback

This type of content is all about observing what is already being talked about and then adding your opinion to the conversation. Ideally it should be something highly topical in your industry (or something that your audience is already talking about).

Here is my post about the news that Facebook plans to spend $1 billion on original content in 2018

Is Facebook the new Netflix?

#7 – FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

What are the questions that your customers and prospects ask you ALL THE TIME?

Choose one of those questions and create a piece of content to answer it.

Here is my answer to a question I am always being asked…

Which Social Media Platform is Best for My Business?

#8 – Here is a quick/easy way to [blank]

Just like number 4 above, all you need to do is take this headline, choose if you want to take the quick or easy approach, fill in the blank and then create your post or video to explain your point of view.

Take a look at this example…

The Easiest Way to Create Original Social Media Content

#9 – Warning, Don’t [blank] without reading this first

What is a common mistake you could help your audience avoid? Now is your chance!

Fill in the blank in the headline and create some content to warn your audience about potential pitfalls.

Here is my warning about using Facebook Live when driving…

Read This Before You Drive on Facebook Live

#10 – Recommend

Is there a product or service that you couldn’t live without? Maybe there is a book or podcast that you feel would be invaluable to your audience?

Well, go on, tell them what it is!

Here is a recent Natural Juice Junkie video about a cheap juicer I bought on holiday:

#11 – Ask for a Recommendation

Recommendation is a 2-way street. Not only can you give recommendations, you can also ask your clients to recommend you!

This could be a video testimonial or something as simple as a Facebook review or LinkedIn recommendation.

LinkedIn Recommendation of Neil Martin - Speaker, Trainer and Coach

#12 – SAQ: Seldomly Asked Question

What are the questions you audience should be asking you, but rarely do?

This is your chance to answer those questions as if they were an FAQ (and the chances are they will be questions about subjects many of your competitors are failing to talk about).

A question I think more people should be asking themselves is ‘what does success mean to me?’

Here is a post where I give my opinion…

What is Success?

#13 – The First Time

Tell the story of the first time you did something (and don’t be afraid of sharing your mistakes – it will let your audience know you are human).

Here is a video I posted back in 2014 about the first time I went for a colonic!

#14 – Live and Uncut

One last time of post to try is live streaming video. This is the perfect opportunity to interact with your audience.

Why not jump on Facebook Live and share a recent success or start a Q&A for your audience to ask your advice.

Neil Martin - Facebook Live