It’s Not Quality vs Quantity

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Quality or Quantity: Which is more important?

When it comes to the creation of content (videos, blog posts, social media posts, etc), a question I get asked A LOT is, “Quality or Quantity? Which is more important?”

People are always asking me if they should be creating lots of content, or should they focus on creating really good content. The answer is both. But, actually…

It is the wrong question

The question shouldn’t be about quality versus quantity, instead you should focus on quality multiplied by quantity.

If you try to create the perfect piece of content, but then never share it, you scored a BIG FAT ZERO.

Similarly, if you are constantly posting content 24×7 but the quality of that content sucks, then you nobody will pay attention to it and once again you score ZERO.

But what if you create content that is 90% perfect and you share your stuff 90% of the time. That gives you 81%.

81% Beats Perfect!

If you aim at perfection with your content, but you only produce 10% of the quantity you could at 90%, you only score 10%, not 81%.

For me, 81% is the magic number. Let your quality and quantity each drop to 80% and suddenly your overall score is just 64%. 64% sucks. In a world where there are an ever growing number of things trying to grab attention, you need to be showing up at more than 64%.

Oh, and how do you get good at something? By DOING IT!

The more 90% content you aim to create, the better your content will become. You are not the judge though, your audience is.

Remember, your content is worthless until you share it.

Execution is everything and Done Beats Perfect Every Single Time.