Time for a Personal MOT?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

When’s the last time you gave your life an MOT?

When did you last sit down and assess how your life is RIGHT NOW… spiritually, emotionally physically, financially, career… All of the different aspects of your life?

In the UK, once a car is three years-old, it has to have annual check. This is to make sure the car is still safe and suitable for use and if it fails the test, then to make sure appropriate action is taken to get it back to being roadworthy.

I’m assuming that if you are reading this you are more than three years old. I also suspect there are areas of your life that have changed little in the last 12 months. The question is, are those things still serving you? Is your ‘vehicle’ roadworthy or are there things you need to update, replace or repair?

When is the last time you took time out from the day to day to look at your life and see whether you are actually happy and fulfilled with the life that you’re living? When did you last go through the different aspects of your life and make an honest judgement on how you are performing?

Sometimes an MOT can bring surprises

If you’ve ever had an old car, then I’m sure you can think of a time when it went in for an MOT and you were crossing your fingers, hoping and praying it would get through without too much expense. If you picked it up to find it sailed through the test, you were pleasantly surprised.

Of course, the opposite happens too. The time when you assume everything is fine with your car, only for the test to discover it’s not and to land you with an unexpected bill.

The thing is, those undetected things could have been putting you at risk and if they were affecting the way your car runs, they could have been costing you money too.

I think its the same thing in our lives. There are aspects of our lives that, if we’re not paying attention to them, could be costing us.

Is something about to go off the rails?

Is something about to go horribly wrong? Are there things you need to do to rectify them before it happens?

This could be in your relationships. It could be in your personal life. It could be in your business life, in your career…

How are you performing in your life and, based on your own assessment, what’s that costing you in terms of quality of life?

If you’ve got one area of your life that’s performing really well and another area that’s suffering as a result, how do you balance that? How do you improve one, and does the other one has to go into decline?

Success isn’t the size of your bank account

For me, serenity is success (or success is serenity depending on how you look at it). Peace of mind is what success is really about and so if you feel fulfilled, if you feel happy with your life, that’s true success.

Success isn’t the size of your bank account. Success isn’t the clothes you’re wearing or a car your driving. Success is how you feel about the experiences that are happening in your life day to day.

I urge you to do is to actually sit down give yourself an MOT. Perform an MOT on your life and if there’s areas that needs action, take that action, find that balance and remember success is all about peace of mind.