What Ripples Do You Create?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Life is one big ripple effect

The thing that fires me up more than anything is creating positive ripples. Everything single thing we do creates ripples. What kind of ripples are you creating?

More impact than ever

Our access to information is at an unparalleled level. Anything you want to know can be accessed from your phone. You can take your phone out of your pocket and you can find information on just about anything in seconds.

This information influences our thoughts, our behaviours, our lives.

We all have a responsibility with the content we share, even if we can never be fully aware of the impact we make.

What kind of information are you putting out?

What kind of content are you sharing? Are you making a positive influence with what you’re doing? Or are you putting stuff out that, is dragging you down and dragging other people down with you?

You have a unique opportunity to share what you know. I say unique, because just a generation ago you needed to rely on someone else thinking your content was good enough if you wanted to get lots of eyes on it. Back then it took a newspaper, radio station or TV station to give you exposure. Now we have blogs, podcasts, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn… the list of platforms you can use is endless.

You no longer need someone else’s approval to share your experience.

Hope: Hearing Other People’s Experience

We now have the opportunity to get our messages heard and a message can go viral and reach millions in an instant.

This opportunity comes with a responsibility.

I’ve heard it said that hope is hearing other people’s experience. As content creators we each have a responsibility to share our experience in a way that it helps other people. Our job is to create positive, empowering ripples that help other people to learn and grow. The ripples we create should move people forward, not hold them back.

One thing I want you to remember more than anything else about this, is that people remember how you make them feel more than what you say.

How can you create positive feelings. Feelings that inspire. Feelings that motivate. Feelings that lead to positive change. Feelings that create more and more ripples.

People remember how you make them feel more than anything else

If you go and watch a movie, just as an example, you might not remember the whole story of the film and everything that happened but you remember the emotions you experience during the film. You remember if the film made you feel happy or sad.

Different people can even experience different emotions from the same film. There are some people who watch a film like Titanic and think it’s sad. There’s other people who think it’s so happy because of the way that things turn out, with the elderly still in love with the guy that drowned all those years earlier. Some people think that’s great. Other people think it’s really sad.

The reality is that we each map our emotions onto the stories that we hear. This means you cannot control how others will react to your content.

I believe the most important thing is your intent when you create it. The more you create content with the intention of helping others, the more people you are likely to help.