Facebook Page Likes: 6 Hacks for Getting More Likes

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Some people will tell you that Facebook Page likes are nothing more than a vanity metric and that getting more likes serves little purpose.

I disagree.

The more likes you have on your page, the more people who are likely to pay attention to the content you post. Having a large following also adds credibility to the quality of your page.

Here are six ways you can quickly grow the likes on your Facebook page.

#1 – Invite Your Friends

Perhaps the quickest way to grow the following of your Facebook page is to invite your Facebook friends to like it.

In order to do this, you simply need to click on the 3 dots below your Page’s cover photo and then select ‘Invite Friends’.

You can then either type a name in the search box to find a specific friend or simply scroll through the list clicking the ‘invite’ button where appropriate.

Note: You can click on the ‘select all friends’ box to select specific groups of friends instead.

#2 – Invite People Who Like Your Facebook Posts

Although this is standard Facebook functionality, it appears that many people are unaware of its existence.

Whenever you publish content on your Facebook page, you get the option to invite people who like your post to also like your page.

Simply click on the number of likes under any post on your page and you will see a list of the users who have liked that post. Next to each name with be a button with one of three words on it: Liked, Invite or Invited:

  • Liked is displayed where the user already likes your page.
  • Invite allows you to invite the user to start liking your page.
  • Invited is shown when the user has already been invited to like the page (potentially when they liked another post).

Whilst looking at the list, simply click the ‘invite’ buttons to attract more Facebook users to like your page.

Facebook Page Likes: Invite People Who Like Your Facebook Posts

#3 – Include the Facebook Page Plugin on your Website / Blog

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find your Facebook page. This includes adding links to your existing marketing channels.

An awesome free tool to help with this is Facebook’s Page plugin.

The Page plugin lets you easily embed and promote any Facebook Page on your website or blog and enables your visitors to like and share the Page without leaving your site.

The Page plugin is also a great way to use social proof to increase the audience for your page as is shows your existing number of page Likes, together with the faces of some of your Facebook fans.

You can also include Facebook messenger in the Page plugin, allowing your audience to message your Facebook page without leaving your website.

Visit: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin for more details.

Facebook Page Likes: Facebook Page Plugin

#4 – Email Your Existing List

Facebook used to provide a facility for you to upload a list of email addresses that you wanted to invite to like your page. Although this features is no longer available, there is nothing to stop you from using your own CRM system to email your list with an invite.

#5 – Post Valuable Content

Perhaps the single most important thing you can do to grow an ENGAGED audience on Facebook is to give your audience value.

Make sure you are posting content that your audience will find either entertaining or educational and that they will want to share with their friends and contacts.

If people love your posts then there is a much greater chance they will ‘like’ you page.

And don’t forget… when people like you posts you can invite them to like you page (see point #2 above).

#6 – Boost Your Posts

Don’t be afraid to experiment with some low-cost promotion of your Facebook posts. The days when everyone who followed your page saw all your posts are long gone, but boosting a post for as little as £2 or £3 can help to significantly increased its reach (especially if it is content people will want to share with their friends).

It is important to note that Facebook’s News Feed is an algorithm and all of your posts will be given a relevancy score. The higher the score, the lower the cost to promote a post, so always make sure your content is appropriate for the audience you are promoting it too.