Obstacles and Ostriches

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Dealing with obstacles

I was out on my morning run and I had to duck down to get under a fallen tree. An obstacle as simple as that is really that simple to deal with. We get obstacles thrown at us all the time, but it’s how you deal with those obstacles that makes the difference in your life.

With something as simple as a fallen branch, you go under it or you go over it. With simple obstacles you do whatever you have to in order to keep going on your journey.

How often do we let obstacles derail us completely?

It is a year ago today that I delivered my TEDx…


Are you playing Russian roulette with your health?

That was the main theme of my TEDx, my ‘idea worth spreading’, talking about the ways we influence the length and quality of our lives with the lifestyles we follow.

It’s not the only theme in the 3 minute talk. The other big one is the way so many people bury their heads in the sand.

It is exactly what I did. I was addicted. I was depressed. I had an ever-growing list illnesses. Yet, I was like an ostrich burying my head in the sand and playing Russian roulette with my health.

When it comes to health, most people actually have some level of understanding of things that will promote health and things that will reduce health. It is not about understanding it is about action.

It’s not only about health

What I like to refer to as the ostrich epidemic, is the ever growing number of people throughout the world who choose to burying their heads in the sand instead of dealing with reality.

Like I already said, I know about this because I did it too.

Often, people know what it is they need to do to move their life forward, but they do not do it. I’m still not perfect on this one either. This morning, when I woke up. I did not want to go for a run. I could easily of stayed in bed or done something else, but I knew I needed to run as I am committed to a half marathon in October and following my ankle injury I need to start building my distances back up.

I could’ve given myself reasons. I could have given myself a whole set of beliefs about how “I don’t have the time” or “I can’t do this right now” or any of a million other things that I need to attend to.

When you are committed you find a way

Here’s the reality and probably the biggest point I want to make here: when you’re committed enough to something you find a way to do it. Even if it’s not the perfect way, even if it’s not the way that’s going to get you to your destination in the quickest possible time, that doesn’t matter because… DONE BEATS PERFECT.

Just getting out and doing something is always going to be better than doing nothing, right?

No matter what it is that you want to achieve in life, what is the first step that you can take towards your outcome today?

If you were training for a marathon or a half marathon and you don’t feel like you can go out and you can run five miles today, can you run one mile? Or can you go for a five-mile walk? What can you do, that may not be the perfect thing you think you’re supposed to be doing, that moves you in the right direction?

As my TEDx ended I asked a question. Actually, the theme for the event was “brave new world” so I asked the question about are you ready for a brave new world, but my real question was the one that came after it: “Are you going to take the bullets out of your gun or are you going to keep playing Russian roulette with your health?”

Whatever it is that’s going on in your life, there are actions you can take to improve it. Are you gonna keep ignoring things? Are you gonna keep your head buried in the sand? Or are you gonna start taking action today?