Walking The Walk

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I started a Vlog, but then I haven’t made any videos for a few days…

There is no significant reason, just lots going on. I’ve been busy.

Yes, that is an excuse. My mantra is done beats perfect, and yet, I haven’t done. Is it really so difficult to point a camera at myself?

For me, it’s important to be authentic. It is important to tell the truth and to tell things as they are.

Telling things as they are, is to put my hands up and say that I’m not drinking my own kool-aid. I’m not doing my own thing here. I’m not living by my own message.

Although I guess by posting this, I kind of am.

And that is the point of this post. Regardless of what’s going on for you, regardless of how many other things are happening, do the things you are committed to.

If you’ve said you are going to write a blog post, then write one. If you’ve said you are going to record a video then get that camera turned on.

If you want to be a content creator then you need to share your message, share your truth

As I said in a video the other day, they say that hope is hearing other people’s experience. Everything you do could be giving hope to someone else, giving encouragement, helping somebody else along their journey.

That’s why I do what I do. It’s all about that ripple effect.

I’ve said it so many times, but I am passionate about the ripples we all create.

Everybody’s life is one of two things. It’s either an example or a warning.

Mine life used to be a warning. I was the perfect example of what not to do.

I was lucky and managed to flip my life around, so these days, I try and live as an example.

So this is my example of creating content based on my truth. It is not the best piece of content I’ll ever create, but it is done.

Now I encourage you, go make some content and share YOUR truth. Who knows, maybe it will be the one piece of content somebody needs to see today.